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  • RoofScope+ (Roof & Gutter Measurements on Every Report)
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  • 99% Accuracy Guarantee
  • Verified Municipal Contacts,
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  • Historical Data on Property-Specific Storm Data
  • Prior Permit Data
  • Property Equity Analysis
    & Neighborhood Insights

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Once your account is activated, you'll have the convenience of scoping online or utilizing our Text-to-Scope feature. With Text-to-Scope, you can easily order a report by sending a simple text message and receive it in-hand within 3 hours or less! We're here to make your experience seamless and efficient.


Never hand draft or climb another roof again


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Require less time and labor from your team


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                         is your end-to-end measurement partner

Delivering one-click aerial roof measurement reports to contractors with 99% accuracy guaranteed.

Easy to Use

Eliminate Mistakes

Data with a Plan

Save time measuring and estimating with our one-click aerial roof reports so you can spend more time on important things - like winning business.  

And reduce job waste. Our RoofScope Reports precisely measure out every eave, plane, structure, rake, perimeter, ice & water shield. Delivered with clear aerial imagery on two, easy to read pages.

All measurement report data transfers into an estimate, work order and invoice. Deliver an exceptional customer experience with branded documents and data you can trust.

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"Thanks to RoofScope, getting the roof measurements I need has never been more seamless. The data is broken out into an easy-to-read, two-page report which is a big step up from RoofScope's competitors. We consistently get more money out of our estimates because RoofScope measurements are defined, and insurance adjustors really like working with us when we have these reports!"

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